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Does Clothelia.club Ship Internationally?


is proud to offer international shipping to over 180 countries and several US Territories!

Click the Ship To flag in the bottom right corner of the website to see a list of countries and territories that we can ship to.

Note: If you are shipping an order to an APO/FPO/DPO address, please use our U.S. site to place an order.

How does International Ordering Work?

When placing an International order, make sure that you change the Ship To flag to your destination. The website will change to show products available to ship to the selected country, and will also display pricing in the selected country’s currency.

Once you have added your products to your cart, you can proceed to the checkout page. If you are shipping to Canada, your checkout will be serviced by our website. If you are shipping to another country, our partner FedEx Cross Border will complete your checkout.

Does Clothelia.club have International Shipping Restrictions?

Items available for international shipping vary depending on the delivery address. Please review the following restrictions for international orders:


  • Some items are not eligible for international shipping due to size and customs restrictions. Unfortunately, there may be items for sale on our U.S. site that are not available internationally.

  • Our system may prompt you to remove an item from your shopping cart if your destination country does not permit import of that item.

  • We cannot ship items that valued over $25,000 or orders totaling more than $25,000. If you order multiple items totaling over $25,000, please place separate orders with each order totaling under $25,000.

  • International shipping restrictions prevent shipping oversized items outside the U.S. At this time, items over 150 lbs. (68 kg) cannot be shipped internationally.

  • Due to import restrictions, select jewelry items and cosmetics are not available for International destinations.


What is Clothelia.club's International Pricing?

If VAT applies to your destination country, this charge is included in the item price. At checkout, Duty & VAT charges are combined; you may still see an amount on that line if duties apply to your order.

The prices on our product pages include an International Service Fee, which covers any additional fulfillment costs to international destinations. This fee is included to help us provide a wider range of products and a higher level of service for our international customers. We are constantly working to improve our systems to help reduce these charges.


How does International Shipping Work?

The time that the item will take to arrive to you will vary depending on destination. Clothelia will ship your order to our freight forwarding hub that services your area, who will in turn ship the package internationally to you. Please select a region to check if we currently offer shipping to your country and to view information about estimated delivery timeframes:

North and South America
Middle East

Canada Shipping (Landmark) 
When shipping to Canada, we will provide you with a domestic tracking number to track the item as it makes its way to the shipping hub. You will receive your item within the timeframe provided to you at checkout. If your item does not arrive within the quoted timeframe, please contact us.

All Other Countries (FedEx Cross Border)
Checkout for all countries aside from Canada is handled by our partner FedEx Cross Border. FedEx Cross Border will provide a Unified Tracking link in your order confirmation at the time of purchase. This tracking link allow you to track the package from the warehouse to your destination. You will receive your item with the timeframe provided at checkout.


What Are Clothelia.club's International Shipping Charges?

Shipping rates and fees will vary based on the item and shipping destination.
Our site will always display your order total in the currency you select, including any shipping rates or fees. There are no additional charges or duties when the product arrives at your door, unless otherwise stated at check out.

International shipping rates are calculated during checkout based on your desired service level, item type and quantity, total weight of your order, and the destination’s postal code. Additional charges related to shipping, duties, or tax are available at checkout for review before you complete your purchase.

Does Clothelia.club require International Shipping Insurance?

Order shipping outside the U.S. and Canada: Shipment insurance protects your order against damage or loss while your order is in transit. You can purchase shipment insurance for 2% of your order’s cost, covering the value of your entire order. This insurance is automatically included at checkout. To opt out of this service, click Remove next to the Insurance field before you submit your order.

The employees who process your order are thoroughly trained and evaluated on proper packaging methods to ensure your items arrive in pristine condition. However, we encourage our customers to utilize our insurance program to protect any accidental damage. Without insurance, you may not file a claim for any loss or damage that occurred during the international shipping process.

If there is an incident during shipping, insurance will cover:

  • Merchandise

  • International Shipping Charges

  • Duties

  • Taxes

  • Currency Risk


Does Clothelia.club Ship Internationally from the U.S.?

If you reside in the U.S. and would like to ship an order to an international recipient, you must use our International Checkout. Visit the International section of our website and select the destination country. Our international site will help narrow your search and only display inventory available for delivery to your selected country. You will receive a guaranteed order total for your international order, including all customs tariffs, taxes, and international shipping charges. You can still pay in US dollars and use a US credit card.


  • Can I change or cancel my order?
    Since we have a very small timeframe between receiving and fulfilling your order, at this time, you cannot change or cancel your order once it is submitted.

  • Can I use a coupon, promotional code, or special shipping offer?
    Unless otherwise stated in the offer’s Terms and Conditions, most Clothelia coupons and discounts will apply to international orders. Shipping offers and Club O benefits do not apply.

  • Can I ship to multiple addresses on the same order?
    Currently, our international fulfillment vendor cannot accept multiple shipping addresses. If you need to send items to multiple addresses, please place separate orders.

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